Using your vehicle to help brand your firm should be part of a global marketing and advertising campaign, so which exactly what ends up on your fleet is a growth of all the other advertising your company does. Accomplishing this requires more than just manual labour and the capacity to print. Starting with a bad brand means you’ve failed before you’ve started: by wasting money on an envelope and missing a major marketing opportunity. Some sign businesses will not mention this since they don’t wish to lose business. They’ll print whatever the consumer wants. But – it is too much money to play with. 

A good graphic design company does not wish to be answerable for squandering your money by trying to utilize a brand that does not have any business being executed on a wrap. They’ll teach you on the challenges of your own brand. Plus they’ll stress this very simple point: the brand is your message, period. Rule 2: Do not Use Photos – I have had this discussion frequently with some other sign makers and some argue with me on this point. 

Nevertheless, I think there are few powerful wraps that use images, and I’d argue that any wrap which uses a photo might happen to be more effective without one. The photo isn’t a brand identity, it does not connect the consumer with the company name. Perhaps it joins them with what the firm does, but should a good brand. Take the usual examples, such as the Heating and ac contractor with an image of an air conditioner. Or think about the contractor and the image of a house. 

Are you a coatings company, a roofing company, a window installer, a power washer, a landscaper, an electrician? I’ve no idea since the photograph is the dominant element. After my 2.5 second has expired, your message is lost among all also the other stuff attempting to grab my attention. Perhaps a photo may be used about box trucks or trailers, but I would still argue a more strong brand integration will be more efficient. National chains have a simpler time with photography because, once more, their brand is already known. Rule 3: Limit Your Advertising Copy – There are only 3 or 4 things a good wrap needs: strong own brand execution, possibly tagline messaging, an internet address, and possibly a telephone number. 

Bullet lists, which looks more like shopping lists, don’t have any place on a vehicle. This isn’t the yellow pages. Would you rather list ten things and have none recalled, or convey one to two memorable takeaways? If this truck were a billboard, just how much copy will be on it? Billboards have also the exact same challenges as automobile advertising. Quite the contrary. By eliminating all those fills, noisy backgrounds, pictures, bevels and glows, you will be on your way to have a vehicle that really does stand out. The wrap market is full of visual noise.